the SLO life continues

Today marks the end of my first week in San Luis Obispo! It was nice to have the time to settle in and catch up on my sleep, but I am excited and ready to delve into my internship. Here are a few more pictures from my week of exploration.

Pismo Beach is one of the closest and well-known beaches of the area and it is only about a five minute drive from my internship site (but around 25 from where I am staying). After meeting with my supervisor, I was able to wander on down to the beach and walk around all while drinking a nice cup of Joe (found at The Coffee Cove). The wonderful young ladies there welcomed me into town and gave me some information on amazing places to visit during my stay (thank you!).

Here is a panoramic shot of the beach (I only discovered this wonderful feature when my phone almost slipped through my fingers to the sand below – fortunately enough for me i caught it and noticed the panoramic button!) — Tadaaa

The enlarged picture really does this one justice so I encourage you to click on it.Image

After walking along the beach, I was excited to head back to the town of Morro Bay for my afternoon run. This run took me by Morro Rock and then right into the little town, past cute little shops and restaurants that line the Marina.



Wednesday evening I joined the choir practice at Nativity of Our Lady where my uncle is the Deacon and Music Minister. I look forward to singing beside him throughout the duration of my stay. This also gives me a chance to tune up the old pipes since the semester did not give me much time to sing. Speaking of singing, a dear friend Erik Christensen has released his new EP! If you are interested please check it out and buy it. Don’t be bashful, you’ll love it and I know he would love the support.

To conclude this little update I’d like to tell you about my newest discovery, the San Luis Obispo Farmer’s Market held on Thursday nights. Bumpa and I went and walked around to survey all the foods and shops before taking our pick for the night. We both settled on some teryaki chicken (or steak in his case), with fresh vegetables and rice. I wish I knew the name of this vendor because it was without a doubt, one of the best versions of teryaki chicken I’ve had. Everything was very clean and fresh which I can appreciate. In addition to food, they have music or acts on each intersection as well as a climbing wall and moonbounce for the kids. I especially enjoyed all the stores that line the streets and will have my work cut out for me trying to keep my shopping to a minimum. I know now that this portion of Downtown SLO is a college town and that suits me pretty well. The proximity to Cal Poly is nice for all the students to find shopping, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars.

Here I took a picture of a group of young drummers called the Bucket Busters performing on a corner at the market. They are associated with a program called Music Motive which offers private lessons in all sorts of instruments and gives the kids opportunities (such as this) to perform in front of live audiences. Even from the little bit I heard, I could see the talent these kids have and the talent of the instructors that teach them.


This market occurs every Thursday downtown but I have also found that Wednesdays at Pismo and Saturdays in another portion of SLO there are more markets held. Looks like I will have lots more to explore while I am here!

More to come next week! If you are interested in where I am interning, feel free to check out Compass Health Inc. In addition to learning about the company and shadowing my supervisor, I will be working on the facebook page and website. I am more closely involved with the Wellness and Prevention program which a portion of Compass Health. As I learn more, I will be sure to share it with you.

Ttfn, Ta Ta for now.