welcome to the SLO life

I write, erase, rewrite, erase, and have finally come to a conclusion that a picture journal is the way to go. At times I may want to hear myself talk, but for now it just sounds redundant to me, considering I’ve already heard everything I have to say. Here are the happenings of my life, starting with a quick recap of the past couple of weeks which led up to my move across the country. Please enjoy.

To allow for the privacy of my family and friends, I will refrain from posting any pictures unless otherwise notified by those individuals.

This my friends, is an entirely allergy free cheese steak. Behold it’s magnificence! Yes, this is the very first cheese steak I have ever had and I’m inclined to believe it is better than one full of allergies. Made from top of the line meats and products, it can only be found at One Dish Cuisine (I have been to the Ellicott City location but I believe there are a few other places to find their food).


I spent my 21st birthday with family and a close friend at the Ellicott Mills Brewing Company. They serve the best old bay wings I have ever tasted (I had them 3 days in a row so that might tell you something). I was back there the next day for my roommate’s 21st and now we are pros šŸ™‚


Beautiful roses were waiting in my room when I arrived at my Aunt and Uncles in Los Osos, CA.


While walking with Bumpa, I was given a beautiful tour of the surrounding parks. This here is at Morro Bay and you can see Morro Rock off in the distance. (click the link to read more about Morro Rock)


Morro Rock looks like a climbers paradise but upon further observation it can be concluded that there is a pretty good reason they do not allow climbing any longer. Once used for mining, the rock is now a bird sanctuary and listed as a historical landmark. This is one rock I will not have the privilege of climbing during my stay.


Next, Bumpa took me to Montana de Oro (the Mountain of Gold). The path around the park is about 4.2 miles round trip (if you back track instead of taking the road back) and it runs along the edge of the coastal Bluffs that overlook the ocean. This Bluff Trail (as it is actually called) has breathtaking views of ocean, coves, hills, and foothills and is a perfect place for walking, running, biking, picnicking, and even school field trips. The link I provided has some other great pictures as I am only posting of few of mine here.


Named for it’s golden hills, Montana de Oro, like the other parks in California, actually blooms during the winter and is often brown during the summer. This picture, taken in the summer, gives you an idea of why the mountain got it’s name but just try to imagine it in the winter.


Another breathtaking view of the cliffs and the ocean. I would take a run along here every day if I could!


The weekend was spent gallivanting around the countryside in search of good wine! We visited Jada Vineyard and Winery, Opolo, Proulx, and finished at Parrish Family Vineyard.


(since I didn’t get to posting this beforehand, it is now the 5th day of my trip so these pictures are now from today).

Bumpa and I went back to Montana de Oro to exercise this morning and I couldn’t resist stopping to take more pictures. This run took me a little further along the coastline than the first trip so I discovered some pretty neat coves.


That’s a pretty good recap of what’s been happening and as I explore and learn more about the beautiful central coast, I will be back to share it with you.

Miss you all at home!


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